Thank you for being the difference!

“Everybody wants to save the Earth; nobody wants to help Mum do the dishes.”

What we do

Teach for Change

Within the region, millions of disadvantaged children leave school every day without the skills they need to attain financial security. Educational inequity is everyone’s problem and because education is a shared global value, we can improve it by working together despite our regional differences. Our 'Teach for change' approach, is a movement of outstanding volunteers who commit to teach in under resourced schools and orphanages.

Nurture Talent

Nurturing talent used to be a fairly simple process, because it was mostly passive and parents would just sit back waiting for the talent to show itself. Now, talent-nurturing is an official industry, like organic food! Soccer, violin, chess, math, art — they all provide us with nicely constructed funnels down which we can pour endless amounts of time, effort and resources as we try to help our kids become their best selves.

Mentoring and counseling

Mentoring is the relationship between an adult (mentor) and child (mentee) that provides young people with the guidance, support and encouragement that will make a positive and lasting difference in their lives. Tofauti's staff and volunteers work to form these relationships with the less privileged, disadvantaged children in their destitute demographics.


At Tofauti on the move, we want the beneficiaries of funds that are raised to be able to feel not as if they have received ‘charity,’ but as if they have actually earned the item or experience that the funds have provided. What better way to help a child to feel empowered than to allow them to help raise the funds needed for a cause that will benefit them?

Awareness Creation

Raising public awareness is not the same as telling the public what to do – it is explaining issues and disseminating knowledge to people so that they can make their own decisions. There are two main areas to focus on when raising awareness about contemporary social issues facing our children:(i)general public awareness and (ii) self-awareness.

Inter-regional Networking

Tofauti on the move hosts various volunteers from different global regions. This facilitates inter-cultural fusion and education, plus a collective diverse pool of ideas for brainstorming purposes. We believe that through this, social innovative programmes geared towards sustainable development can be enhanced and facilitated.

"...Teaching kids or children in a slum, subjects including Mathematics, English, Arts and Chinese; meeting different interns from all over the world, and working, discussing issues and sharing experiences together; subsidizing students by practical things like books and stationary; communicating with local NGOs; culture-sharing with interns like Cultural Village; enjoying and savoring tasty local food and fruits. Apart from the NGO part, I have already met all of them. They indeed exerted a great influence on me..." Zǎo Maria

"...My project was quite a tough one as I was attached to render services in the Health Sector at the Nairobi Spinal Injury Hospital, as I’m not a medical practitioner. But on getting there I got a very warm embrace with doctors, nurses and even my fellow interns treating me like one of theirs that made working, adapting and even socializing very easy. The Project actually taught me how to be ‘patient’ while dealing with patients and people in general..." Ashleey Tom-Joseph

"..Life in Kenya is a totally different one from us. You can see an extremely new world rolling out nakedly infront of you. The sunshine is naked. The eyesight from pedestrian on you is naked. Tens of thousands possibilities of this country and the breath of development is naked. The poverty, as well, is naked..." Wang Yi