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“Everybody wants to save the Earth; nobody wants to help Mum do the dishes.”

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Kakamega Teaching Project

At Tofauti we have realized that where children are born determines the kind of education they’ll receive and, ultimately, their options in life. In Kakamega as a whole kids have minimal access to quality education. When they do attend school, they often don’t receive the extra support and high expectations they need to beat the odds. Many children leave school every day without the skills they need to attain financial security and be informed, thus contributing to citizens with less and less real prospects for the future.

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Tofauti Feeding Programme

Tofauti on the move will be partnering with the local community to provide a simple hot lunch of maize and beans to primary school children. Locally this meal is known as 'githeri' and it is a staple of the Kenyan diet. One of the exciting aspects of this programme is that, when the feeding program comes to a school, the community will be made to join together to build a kitchen, buy the pots, hire a cook and the likes.

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Mombasa HIV/AIDS Programme

While new HIV infections have declined by 20 percent between 2001 and 2014, the HIV epidemic continues to outpace the response. Tofauti works with the local communities in Mombasa to understand and respond to the development dimensions of HIV and health, recognizing that action outside the health sector can contribute significantly to better health outcomes.

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Fruitful Kibera Talent Programme

Fruitful Talent Programme is based in the rather harsh environs of the Kibera Slum of Nairobi, Kenya. The programme has different creative talent workshops such as Acrobatics, Music and Making of Handmade ornaments. Tofauti engages the local children in this workshops for productivity purposes hence the name 'fruitful'. This is to enhance an alternative supplementary means of reaching financial security and further foster self sustainability.

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Mukuru Slum Awareness Development Project

More than 40 percent of Nairobi-urbanites live in slums, with limited access to water and sanitation, housing, and secure tenure. They have poor environmental conditions and experience high crime rates. If the gap continues to grow between the supply and demand of urban services such as housing, the negative consequences of urbanisation can become irreversible.

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Faith with Action child Empowerment Project

Tofauti’s 'Save The Children' project runs study, hygiene, health and basic feeding programmes for the underprivileged orphans and street abandoned children who are orphanaged at Faith with Action Institution at Embakassi, Nairobi. We save the kids primarily by providing basic education as well as vocational skills for children with special needs.

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"...Teaching kids or children in a slum, subjects including Mathematics, English, Arts and Chinese; meeting different interns from all over the world, and working, discussing issues and sharing experiences together; subsidizing students by practical things like books and stationary; communicating with local NGOs; culture-sharing with interns like Cultural Village; enjoying and savoring tasty local food and fruits. Apart from the NGO part, I have already met all of them. They indeed exerted a great influence on me..." Zǎo Maria

"...My project was quite a tough one as I was attached to render services in the Health Sector at the Nairobi Spinal Injury Hospital, as I’m not a medical practitioner. But on getting there I got a very warm embrace with doctors, nurses and even my fellow interns treating me like one of theirs that made working, adapting and even socializing very easy. The Project actually taught me how to be ‘patient’ while dealing with patients and people in general..." Ashleey Tom-Joseph

"..Life in Kenya is a totally different one from us. You can see an extremely new world rolling out nakedly infront of you. The sunshine is naked. The eyesight from pedestrian on you is naked. Tens of thousands possibilities of this country and the breath of development is naked. The poverty, as well, is naked..." Wang Yi